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Brian Kage may be a new name to some, but for those in the know, he’s been kicking around the Detroit scene for an age. A DJ and Producer born and raised in the middle of Detroit witnessing the rise and the fall of it all. He is also a first-class mastering engineer and sound specialist to many big names including Dez Andres, Monty Luke, Rock Wilhite. Brian has released on Omar S’s record label FXHE, Carl Craig’s Planet-E, Steve Bug’s PokerFlat, Rob Modell’s Echospace, and his own Michigander. He is also the co-founder of Beretta Music where he first discovered talents such as Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, and Luke Hess. A vital part of Detroit’s rich techno history, he is also one of the key artists and producers providing the score for the Motor City’s continuing rebirth. Who better to give us some tips on the best things to do in Detroit.

What is your relationship with the city you live in and its culture?

Detroit’s resilient and transformative spirit speaks deeply to me. I have a lifelong appreciation for Detroit’s contributions to music (Detroit Techno and Motown), which are major parts of the city’s identity and vibrancy. It is a city of both historical significance and a promising future.

How have you seen it change much and in what way?

In the past ten years, significant changes! Particularly in the downtown and midtown areas which have been revitalized with new businesses, art spaces, and residential developments. Additionally, there has been a strong focus on community-led projects.

How much of your identity comes from where you live?

My identity is deeply rooted in this place and the values instilled by my family. Here’s a bit of context — my parents were quite poor when they first met. My dad didn’t have much except for a dream and an infectious smile. He was a visionary with a creative spark. He managed to save a modest sum, purchased a typewriter, and began producing a magazine from the cramped bedroom he shared. His efforts caught the attention of a Detroit-based wrestling company in the early ’70s, leading to a job crafting their official event programs. My dad also had a keen interest in music, and leveraging his newly developed skills, he launched one of the first magazines for record collectors, “Goldmine,” which found success. I see his determination, creativity, and resilience reflected in the stories of many people from Detroit today.

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What is your favourite place in Detroit and why do you love it?

I would say the riverwalk along Jefferson is probably my favorite place. It’s a perfect place for walking, biking, and chilling within the city. It also leads to Hart Plaza where the Movement Electronic Music Festival happens every year.

What is your favourite music venue and why?

Don’t really have a particular fave here, but for touring bands, check out The Fillmore, St. Andrews Hall, Magic Stick, Fox Theatre, LCA, and the El Club.

The Fillmore Detroit

What is your top tip for a good dinner?

Again, all sorts of great places. I really like this spot in Detroit for Pizza, Grandma Bob’s. If you venture outside the city a bit, check out Loui’s for the best Detroit Style Pie.

What is your favourite bar and why do you like it?

I’ve cut back on drinking but a nice nightcap spot is Spkrbox. Great coffee there too, with house and techno music all night long. Check it out for sure!

What is the best club in Detroit in your opinion?

For techno and house music enthusiasts, TV Lounge in Detroit stands out as a top club venue. This spot is well-known for its commitment to showcasing both emerging talents and a diverse lineup of international and local DJs. TV Lounge has played a crucial role in supporting many artists’ careers from the start, including mine. Their dedication to the music scene and their alignment with the values of musicians and DJs make it a pivotal platform for artists. This venue embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity that is so characteristic of Detroit’s music culture.

Tell us your tip for the best record shop?

Detroit Threads is an incredible place for House and Techno, new and used. It’s located in Hamtramck, right outside the city. I really like Spotlite as well for its selection, which serves as a record store, coffee bar, and music venue. Don’t forget to check out People’s Records, Submerge/UR (by appointment only), Hello Records, Third Man, Melodies & Memories, Paramita Sound, and many more greats.

What is the thing you like to do most in your city when time permits?

Biking, dog walks at the dog parks, hangin’ with friends and grabbing some coffee at Spkrbox.

Tell us a few facts about Detroit that we probably don’t know?

Detroit’s Belle Isle is the largest urban park in the Country. It’s a beautiful place to take in the sun and enjoy a picnic or beach day.

Take a 5-10 min drive, cross the border with a passport, and you’re in Canada.

Below the city, there is a huge salt mine with over 100 miles of underground roads. Look it up. It’s very wild.

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