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Greg Fenton reviews Ammonite – Blueprints – Ransom Note

When music communicates more than words, it touches soulful depths feeling intimate and personal in ways you can’t readily fathom. You then arrive at Blueprints. It’s a pleasure to use the word, exceptional when describing music, as it points to the progressive direction collections of sounds are moving towards, not backward. Couple with notably deft, creative production skills, and the results are both illuminating and provocative.

Centered on a dysfunctional treatment of the human voice, decaying and then elevating is a thrilling combination like a revealing journey to lost and found. The music delights in achieving that attribute in similar ways through the use of conflicting aspirations, sometimes supporting heavenly harmony, sometimes slipping into cracks. All the pieces are relatively short yet capture sentiment instantly. What If I Knew Me, is a beautiful rendition of melancholy twisted into what could be. Too Close, breathes fire into the determination of relationships, broken or otherwise. Leaving you via the huge impact of ARP Reprise sounding like something wonderful is about to happen, projected through a lens that may at the same time appear slightly broken. But back to the beginning and what brought me here, the recent single, You Don’t Know Me. Picture perfect. Will this feel the same in twenty years? I think so.

Release: May 8
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