Magazine Sixty Music Review with Auguste Safar & Raphael Graham

Greg Fenton reviews Auguste Safar & Raphael Graham – ZA RIA EP – 366 DAYS

If music is worth more than endless snare rolls and tired old disco samples then it must say something of note by connecting to synergy that is proactive and contemporary. Auguste Safar and Raphael Graham’s inaugural 366 DAYS record has tuned into that impulse of electrical discourse most impressively with this searing, informative, emotionally resonating set of productions that evoke and provoke in equal parts. Featuring the powerful, igniting rhythms of Za Ria alongside the fiery repetitions of the mindbending Depth’s Drunkenness makes this an outstanding example of the modern production process but also in human terms as powerful, definite statements of intent filled full of modular, granular excess traveling as nonstop dialogue.

Za Ria has been remixed by Ric Y Martin aka Ricardo Villalobos & Dandy Jack completing its promise of radical ingenuity that is as much about dancefloor intensity as it is about vigorous, creative musicianship. Lessons one, two, and three. Leaving the AGELESS remix of Depth’s Drunkenness to drive it home via warped, twisted bass and mysteriously charged voices overlapping more subtle keys amid the definitive propulsion of punctuating drums. Excellence.

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Cover Art by Audrey Bommensath

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