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Greg Fenton reviews Black Bones – Mystic Arts 002 – Mystic Arts

Is dance music in reverse? You can’t help but get that feeling with increasing regularity, although when something is as powerful as Find The Frequency let’s sidestep the suggestion for a while. Playing as the follow-up to the label’s brilliant debut from Calibre last year timing over quantity seems like the right fit here.

You’ll no doubt recognize the drum breaks (plural) alongside the sense of ecstatic liberation by tuning into the fiery ignition of the early 1990s as sampled voices pulse with sweaty innuendo. When the timeless stabs hit all hell breaks loose on this finely tuned production which is as energetic as it is bold and beautiful.

Konstant Kollision is the low-slung companion resonating with the echo of a lost friend while simmering with a Dub-induced smoky refrain, tribal voices, and is proudly accompanied by lots of big booming bass. Chris Frieze has created an inspiring label in Mystic Arts as Aaron Black and Timmy Stewart of Black Bones have vigorously testified to on 002.

Release: March 1
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