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Greg Fenton reviews Cellar – Blue Tenderness – Cellaroot

It’s the sense of freedom unleashed via an almost intuitive, interactive propulsion of rhythm, reduced harmony, and the forward-thinking yet almost contradictory pulse of analogue, modular machines that make this all feel so engaging. That and the fact in no way can you predict what will happen and when it might occur next. Like a breakdown here, or a drum roll there. And in that sense, it generates a genuinely human, soulful connection that is sadly lacking often elsewhere.

Exploring different corners each of the tracks seeks out their own spaces through divergent tempos, mind-altering atmospheres, and brilliant use of vocals, all of which come steeped in a thrill of radical effects. True, highlights this perfectly. At the same time, the heavenly funk of Tunnel de rêve twists reality into something more suggestive. Leaving you in a state of preparation for the closing number, Klimba canadiens and its oddball, yet beautifully realised flair of percussion alongside chiming repetitions, plus accompanying rumble of dark low-end theory. Bang.

Release: April 5
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