Magazine Sixty Music Review with Dave Clarkson

Greg Fenton reviews Dave Clarkson – Dreamadelica (Music for Dreamachine) – Waxing Crescent Records

A story waiting to be told turns the page between celestial choral harmonies, guitar, and synthesized strings as Prelude to The Subconscious introduces the thought process into your consciousness. Given the album title, it’s perhaps not too surprising that this collection of mysterious, sometimes haunting refrains explores dark and light with occasional wild abandon such as the proceeding, perfectly molded The Psychological Circle. There is a timeless yet charmingly dated feel cropping up as the album progresses, not in a bad overtly retro way but one that adds a hefty amount of charm and excitement to the music, like its shot in the grainy atmosphere of black and white but is awash with blistering colour. Treading a path between imaginative journeys and the deeper reflections of the soul, try Frenzy’s charged intensity or the heavenly contrast of the closing Theme from The Subconscious. Dreamadelica is a pleasure to listen to. One to lose a dream-filled afternoon in.

Release: February 16
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