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Greg Fenton reviews Finn Rees – Dawn Is A Melody – Mr Bongo

Sounding like falling into grace Finn Rees plays like tomorrow is a forever shining possibility. The players accompanying him throughout the album deftly add time and space defining each piece as an enticing listen while you experience all the joys of being alive rolled into one. Indeed, the feel-good factor echoing is about life affirmation, not cheesy sentiment, and the fact that Jazz drives the whole thing is particularly exemplary in my book, keeping the music fresh and telling as it always has been.

It doesn’t seem fair to pick out individual numbers here as the music plays in one joined-up sentence. Breaks are only part of the overall narration. Although me being contradictory for a moment, the subtle punctuation marks laid down by the flawless drums, bass, and keys belonging to End of The Line highlight the inherent dexterity as they do the human touch being so readily evident.

Dawn Is A Melody leaves you at the point of no return with the elegant swoon of, As It Passes proving simply another joy to behold as perfect waves of emotion lift and fall in cascades. Setting the scene for the continuation of the story. So much so I need to use the word fabulous at any given point.

Release: May 31
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