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Greg Fenton reviews Hatti Vatti – Zeit – R&S Records

Arriving at this location may feel like you have set foot in a crazy mixed-up place but in reality, everything makes perfect sense. The fiery turmoil injected into each of these invigorating, brilliant pieces is a testament to the power of the music itself as excitable thoughts and creative juices flow freely in various directions of travel. You can light the fuse igniting the spirit of contemporary jazz just as you can funk, rock, and radical electronics making this all so pleasurable, while also saying something important about life in conversation.

I guess much as the world revolves around the music here Zeit seems like an evolution of the sum of its parts, although from what I’ve heard in recent days you may not hear much else like this which is to be highly cherished in days of clique and retrospective musical boredom. The fact is that this has been impeccably played throughout and yet retains the thirst for newness and provocation, which is also something to celebrate.

I’m purposely not talking up any particular tracks here (for a taste check the drumming on Makes Sense contrasted by the quick emotional dive of Licht) because it’s all a joy. The simple message is to hit play, turn up the volume on life, and soak up the spirit of adventure.

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Release: July 12
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