Magazine Sixty Music Review with Jay Tripwire

Greg Fenton reviews Jay Tripwire – Gone Insane – Either Recordings

Reaching out to somewhere in between the fizzy cosmos of futuristic space and the lowdown, hard-hitting fierceness of House and brutal basslines is Gone Insane. I want to use the word Awesome here. As always the artist takes the mood and works it into something concrete, adorning the creation with sounds and atmospheres that draw you compellingly into the curiosity. The shapeshifting Workhorse follows deploying a deeper array of tangy percussion and hotwired keys to develop mystery and the creative impulse in equal tandem. Then ending on heavens high with the self-explanatory Still A Raver which oozes funk alongside undulating rhythms and an infectious array of treated voices. In a word, excellent.

Release: February 23
Listen to Jay Tripwire – Gone Insane below
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