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Greg Fenton reviews Kenneth James Gibson & Paul Carman – Murals For Immersion – Cassauna

Murals For Immersion sounds like an announcement. Spoken in a bruising fashion the music builds anticipation and then rests while you react to what’s been said. This collaboration between Kenneth James Gibson and Paul Carman is exquisite, yet tense and unnerving in sometimes equal measure crackling with a short wave fizz such as on the haunting refrains circling Selective Noticer, which then overlaps the contrast of the reassuring title track.

Paul Carman’s captivating saxophone feels most prominent by the time you arrive at Corners, breathing in the edges, while the swell of string-like motifs fly like angels. After all, he played with Frank Zappa. It’s safe to say all the music resonates with that pure quality of depth setting it aside in its own unique space. Also, try the low-register irony of Above Suicide Peak which conversely elevates the spirit in a warm glow of the spirit.

Not surprisingly this amalgamation of differing pieces is deeply evocative weaving dreams and fragments into another worldly collection of sights and sonic pulses. Rising and falling, never resting easy but challenging, pulling at heartstrings in ways only you can determine. It is also music that connects directly to being human in a very deep, particular way. And much like the fiery blur of the intense heat emanating from the cover art you are left with the indelible impression that what you have experienced is important, potentially on a grandiose scale.

Release: May 31
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