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Greg Fenton Reviews Letters From Mouse – Clota – Subexotic Records

The notes gathering across Clota are reminiscent of past times although they are connected to a brooding storm of current electrical conveyance. By referencing Scottish myth and legend firmly roots the album’s original concept in the past however as the sounds roundly testify the music purposefully communicates timeless messages. You get the sense of movement alongside an ebb and flow as these occasionally turbulent landscapes shift shape while suggesting meaning amid a series of events that stretch outwards, yet conversely face directly inwards.

It is an elegant experience at times too. Try the wonderfully titled Bowling Greens and Tennis Courts with gentle sound effects for future possibilities. Plus the warped cascades of Habitual Joy as synthesizers dance a not-so-merry dance. Letters From Mouse has created a unique spectacle with this album. Perhaps one that you will only get to hear by tuning into its self-defining soundwaves.

Release: January 25
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