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Greg Fenton reviews M4LA – Hoult EP – Beyonders Music

It sounds like people are singing again. And not over the tired, old regurgitated disco of the past but in new, contemporary ways pointing music in the correct direction. Happy days.

Nick Grimes (Gr1mes) seasoned voice spills tastefully across the delicate piano and over the laid-back shuffle of uncomplicated drums and bass. Offset by a contrasting whir of synthesizer-like strings that sequence extra edge into the process, this makes for a quietly exhilarating listen. But I do stress those gorgeous notes played by Hoult’s emotive piano as the accompanying music and melody dance in and out of view.

Remaining numbers, Diaspora serves up hot Dub, and the more self-explanatory Violin Track completes the release care of a sense of anticipation stimulated by a forthcoming album along the way.

Release: March 29
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