Magazine Sixty Music Review with Made By Pete

Greg Fenton reviews Made By Pete – Fires – Crosstown Rebels

Fires is an incredibly stunning creation combining the dark heart of soul with grainy electronic, incendiary thinking. At various points, it feels like each note has been carefully crafted for maximum effect teasing out every drop of possibility. You can hear it as the synthesizers twist and turn translating musical prowess into heady emotion. You can also soak up the atmospheres inherent within the vocals adding the human touch to the machinery. All of which is neatly complimented by a sizzling Dub version.

Both accompanying remixes are excellent too. Beginning with the tribal pulse of Bushwacka! adding deeper, keys into the equation while heightening all of the senses in an array of spine-tingling ways and then from Victor Calderone & Mykol who propel movement forward via a soaring and intense version that again highlights the defiant vocals perfectly.

Release: February 16
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