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Greg Fenton reviews Manuel Tur – Intertextural – Spaced Repetitions

Full of intentional surprises this brilliantly exciting album from Manuel Tur sounds like a homage to the fever of nightfall amidst unknown situations and tempting propositions. It sounds excellent too, defined with a wealth of lounge possibilities reclining into laidback positions amid the breadth of short numbers. The sense of foreboding or unease traveling the length of Intertextural only fuels the flush of fire incorporating rendezvous in jazzy corners crafted by grainy edges, giving you the strange sensation of being uplifted yet noted with subtle caveats.

Now available on vinyl after a digital release at the end of 2021 it sounds very much located in the moment reflecting its surroundings while remaining charged by the same vigour. Nothing feels too fast either like it’s in too much of a hurry. Its heart lies more in each of the atmospheres generated, an adventure opening out of possibilities. However, the energized, reversed funk of Muesli Curator is a soaring delight. As indeed is the cosmic synthesisers of the title track itself. It’s worth every second, night and/or day.

Release: May 17
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