Magazine Sixty Music Review with Matthew Oh

Greg Fenton reviews Matthew Oh – Unseen EP – Outlaw

Matthew Oh reappears on his own Outlaw imprint and as you can see from the cover art messages are also inherent in the label’s nonglossy outsider print. Musically each of the four numbers espouses depth and meaning transmitting sounds to get lost in yet provoking the drive forward into the next musical gear. The excellent title track, Unseen provides an overlapping combination of stellar drums, unpredictable looped voices colliding, stabbing synth hits, and musical flair points igniting like an almost hidden agenda. This music sounds exciting and enthralling all in one sublime measure.

Submerged, supplies an enviable twisted funk in the course of events as lopsided drums and bass notes defy gravity, fighting bruising stabs and the skank of dub-styled keys in the process. Transition, then elevates the position care off bouncing keys on the most traditionally uplifting track here, leaving the brilliant Voices to dive deep again via its fusion of searing electronics, sensory overload, and hotwired invention evoking mood and emotion as stalwart references.

Release: June 28
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