Magazine Sixty Music Review with Maya Shenfeld

Greg Fenton reviews Maya Shenfeld – Under the Sun – Thrill Jockey Records

Time is of the essence. Or at least it certainly feels that way. Under the Sun embraces you with arms of comfort and yet ploughs dark undercurrents at risk of pulling you under. As demonstrated in the album opening A guide for the perplexed, which says it all and more. Building in layers of emotion and landscapes of sound the rub is very much about intensity, quiet or otherwise. Either way, it’s dangerously beautiful, like a hidden temptation presenting itself at dawn.

Tehom then introduces a whirring complexity that you need to experience for yourself to believe, as Geist suggests sunnier climes on a future horizon act like relief and optimistic affirmation. Interstellar follows dancing on the head of rhythmic arpeggios, church-like and grand. Then the heavenly scores of Light, refracted breathe sublime whispers into the ether and so the story continues to blend highs and lows, depth, and sometimes displaced turmoil.

This all proves to be a remarkable listen throughout crisscrossing time, lost and found. There’s something unique about the music as it rushes by, touching a lost melancholy while reassembling the parts into something altogether more warming in the process.

Release: February 23
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