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Greg Fenton reviews MINING – Chimet – The Leaf Label

The disorientating waves of sound overlap the senses as Ophelia sets sail and contains spine-tingling notes of heavenly discourse. Resplendent with colours flying and rolling hot intensity fuelling its fire. Brutal in the sense that it means something, wondrous in that it probes and questions the meaning of the proposition.

It feels like this music could only have been composed in 2024, or at least I hope so. Which in and of itself is quite something given the all-consuming nostalgic twist commanding commerce these days. That’s down to the heavy contemporary use of synthesizer alongside classical sensibilities strung out via piano and cello, combining and refreshing parts creatively and impulsively. Or thereabouts.

Chimet is an awe-inspiring listen filled with foreboding raptures as the piano of Latent testifies while the instructive Chimet 50º 45′.45 N, 00º 56′.59 W shifts edge into motion and sound into depth. Conjuring images of sea and unpredictable navigation. There is undoubtedly a lonely, solitary quality to all of this. Still, as so much music of worth is to be found in the grainy, weathered greys of winter this album explores and soothes in contrasting ways that are powerful and profound.

Release: March 8

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