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Greg Fenton reviews New Regency Orchestra – New Regency Orchestra – Mr Bongo

What’s that expression: be full of the joys of spring. Multiply it by ten and you’ll get the flavour of life enhancement rippling through every note, horn blast, and electrifying rhythm igniting this soaring, joyful music. Each number is short and tastefully sweet with nothing troubling more than four minutes, yet each packs a cocktail of punches.

New Regency Orchestra sounds like it is burning the flame of tradition as you hear that full spectrum of Afro-Cuban music in all its resplendent glory. Close your eyes and you’ll be transported elsewhere via this selection of heady cover versions feeling like they have always been present as a means of the language of storytelling through words and instruments. Either way, I can only imagine seeing the 18-piece band play live must be quite something. This is also about simplicity of meaning in that it speaks directly to being human. It is also escapist in the real sense that music sometimes is. I love it.

Release: June 14
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