Magazine Sixty Music Review with NiCKY

Greg Fenton reviews NiCKY – by – PRAH Recordings

When the piano is played so eloquently such as it is here then there is nothing better. Add to that NiCKY’s resonating voice and something rather wonderful is created. I like the way the melodies are stretched, dipping into harmonious well-being while at others feeling more challenging. That and the way notes die away like burning embers for the soul. And the way the keys communicate so powerfully pulling you apart. Try the beautiful, tearful 4frida.

Perhaps after all that, the sense of humour filling, turbo tracey as brash piano chords back up the teasing vocals is light relief. While both the Sandy Denny cover of Who Knows Where The Time Goes and the closing, Here4u feel like torch songs that shine a bright light on the world. As does listening to NiCKY, and the delicate yet intensely real playing, alongside the cast of meaningful words. This is a wonderful collection of songs and moods.

Release: February 2
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