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Greg Fenton reviews NRV – Seasons Beyond the Ashes – See Blue Audio

When all is said and done music is about feeling and how it’s communicated. NRV’s realisation of sound is heavily intense, ripping through emotions pulling them apart, and reassembling them in a different order from where they started. It is also about the traveling mind and creative impulse propelling that notion into exciting, albeit unknown territory. Driven by optimism, the pieces also celebrate the reality and curiosity of being while being shaped in different production styles ranging from lo-fi characters to a brighter sheen reflecting each story told.

To put it another way, the music allows you to be drawn in like an escape route from the day-to-day promising melancholy as the closing Endless Snow typifies but likewise singing praises composed in Rice Fields In May, or experiencing the direct poignancy found in This Rain Announces the Next Season.

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