Magazine Sixty Music Review With PC Nackt

Greg Fenton reviews PC Nackt – Angabe Der Person – Naked Records

I have long been fascinated by the language exchanged between actors, visual cues, and the musical soundtracking of that expression. PC Nackt’s haunting interpretation of Elfriede Jelinek’s play, Angabe Der Person strikes a chord with all of the inner turmoil playing out in real time as the piano sings. If possible I’m going to try avoiding the word Classical as the music feels like it exists beyond a simple box-ticking, expanding between the worlds of ambience denoting mood, piano recital, and even echoes thoughts of electronic spaces to launch this brand new label from the composer and the publisher Sophia Blume (Bosworth / Edition PostgenrePublishingChristensen).

I use the word haunting but it could also say striking or atmospheric as a myriad of notes cascade containing different emotions such as on Euch (for Linn), contrasted by the exhilarating, lonely voicing of Nie Wieder (for Fritzi). The final piece, Ihr Kriegt Mich Nie even suggests the temptation of possible optimism to the listener. Each part sums up as a heartfelt accompaniment to the exchange of sight and sound, which is intensely rewarding.

Release: May 17
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