Magazine Sixty Music Review With Pheek and Jos Lok

Greg Fenton reviews Pheek and Jos Lok – Transparessence

It seems to me that something is happening throughout the last several releases I have reviewed, which is that the quality of the music is such that the transfer of time won’t lessen its impact. It will exist, composed, causing the same emotional response in one, two, or three-plus decades. I can’t say that of the business end of functional dancefloor music which patently plays out for a whole set of different reasons. Yet despite the fact the Acid House revolution was 36 years ago (i.e. a long time) there remains an ember of that burning desire to be creative in forward-thinking ways.

Back to this brilliant new album from Pheek and Jos Lok who tempt the listener into worlds of an unparalleled universe populated by curiosity and the longing for radical, sonic discourse remaining purposeful, pumped full of exciting, human emotion. The sound of being alive. I love that it can be difficult to fit this selection of sounds neatly into any singular category, although you can safely say that it touches the soul in a myriad of replenishing ways. The music is instrumental, which takes a particular skill in itself by not requiring the power of words to support the structure. It captures images and atmospheres with blinding ease and numbers like the invigorating Soft Empathy (hear below) are likewise excellent. Meanwhile, the title track translates the art of beauty into a celebratory cause. If only machines could talk…

The playful circuitry of Cirrus Uncinus dazzles in funky ways, as the darker, more brutal intensity served by Integral closes the conversation. But not before saying that music is about feeling and communication beyond what is always obvious. The sounds of particles shifting, hotwired into the soul. In other words, it’s about the art form.

Release: May 1
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