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Greg Fenton reviews Shcaa – Neptune EP – Placidum

Dancing with an uneasy grace Shcaa’s ultra-intense production, executing the extremely comprehensive title, Her Conscious Drift To Neptune’s Frozen Reliefs combines sinister cool alongside simmering electrical chaos, yet somehow remains rather beautiful communicating a sense of the world surrounding us at this point. The brilliant bass bubbles like elastic in a future world of jazz as percussion shuffles and modular cascades of edgy sound delight in tempting measure. Leviatano, warps a sequence of stabs into crazy dimensions next with the heightened ambience of Where Have We Met? following diving deep into uncertain stories. Much in the same way Neptune does although containing a fidgety terrain over which pulses and intention provoke a sense of wondrous potential. Either way, this is a uniquely excellent set of musical pieces folding into themselves in self-defining ethereal ways.

Release: May 17
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