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Greg Fenton reviews Hoarfrost EP – My King Is Light

Hoarfrost weaves magic between its rugged rhythms, filled with musical promise and a heart full of soul as the EP’s gorgeous title track continues Subb-An’s stellar run of releases. Featured on Thomas Melchior’s seminal label you would likewise expect the music to touch upon certain attributes and they are delivered here in abundance. What you will find for certain in amongst the rush of thumping, provocative drums on Hoarfrost is unearthed from the spaces and corners, revealing a sublime dive into ambience, infused with delicate emotion, which is also highlighted perfectly in the following Meditation version.

Point Of View then treats voices and electronic percussion to a more rugged, fevered pitch suited to dark rooms and late nights, chiming with rhythm as a range of sensory overload ensues. Followed by the brisk, fiery grooves igniting the likewise excellent, Breeze shimmering beautifully yet powerfully across the musical spectrum like a ghost of memories past, twisting treatments and effects to tantalising, exciting new heights.

Release: January 26
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My King Is Light

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