Magazine Sixty Music Review with Surmillo

Greg Fenton reviews  Surmillo – Red Hot EP – Loerty

Surmillo’s enticing release for Loerty seems like two halves of the same whole with a sense of ambiguity coursing throughout its tantalising grooves. First is the sleazy temptation of Red Hot driven by heavy-duty drums and bass, electro flairs signaling ignition, and a voice talking up the title as stabs punctuate and infect the hot rhythms.

Next, Panic Attack retains the funky electronic pulse inherent in the drums while taking the mood deeper as atmospheric keys and smoky vocals purposefully set the scene. The thing is, despite the cool implications that may suggest the bassline grinds your senses into an involuntarily meltdown. Both provocative and evocative to the point of exciting, illicit danger more sounds of this caliber are required in the world. Proving to employ both creativity and imagination in the process this is music you can get energized by, while not relying on lazy nostalgia. Applause.

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