Magazine Sixty Music Review with The Jack Cardigan Orchestra and Joseph Matick

Greg Fenton reviews The Jack Cardigan Orchestra and Joseph Matick – WESTERN PINK – Velvet Bikini

Feeling like a sonic accompaniment to the projection of celluloid ideas this collection of sound collages forms atmospheres, impressions alongside cutting-edge notoriety into one. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what this is or squeeze it all into one genre-specific box making the intoxicating experience all the more compelling and exciting.

Maybe the truth is found in the snippets of inspiration from fuzzy rock to trippy psychedelia to cassette tapes and grainy analogue resolution. Some numbers are more conventionally coherent than others forming the brilliant Spaceman and the breathy ecstasy of (ACT XI) JACKS THEME. However, the true benefit is gained by listening to the album in its continuous motion as the series of dazzling contrasts greet you while succeeding in defying expectations.

Ending on the melancholy of DISTANT COWBOY, a lone violin plays off into the sunset, leaving you surrounded by suggestion and meaning from its wake. WESTERN PINK is an important document for the times given its sense of searching uncertainty riven by its depth of meaning. Plus, notably sounding like the compositions could be generated by older recording processes doesn’t dim either its creative drive or youthful zeel.

Release: June 14
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