Magazine Sixty Music Review with Tommy Veanud

Greg Fenton reviews Tommy Veanud – All Or Nothing – Hathōr

Imagine you have one hundred new pieces of music to listen through in one go. I wonder what it is that primarily catches your ear in that process. For me, I’m not always interested after all this time (35 years of reviewing music) in what just works on the dancefloor, exciting as that intrinsically is, but look for something a bit deeper in the quality of the music itself. Sometimes it’s just that something sounds or feels different to the 99 others, like thought and soul has gone into its creation.

That’s quite probably the case here. Tommy Veanud has escaped the clique and produced All Or Nothing as something containing an air of mystery within its creative, captivating layers of sound. Call them stuttering, Balearic guitar-punctuated rhythms highlighting exotic atmospheres, while shuffling percussion underpins affected vocals drifting gently in and out of view.

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