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Greg Fenton reviews Transmission Towers – Sparse – É Soul Cultura

Let’s begin with the word, excellence. Not one I find use for as often these days but one which describes this beautifully crafted creation fittingly. Music to get lost and found might also feel apt.

Wrapped in the envelope of soulful certainty Sparse is a piece of music that communicates directly to your heart. Listen to the way the music sounds, how each note has been evocatively treated alongside its thoughtful production reaching towards a desired, fiery conclusion. While mercifully flying free of the usual nostalgic cliques its combination of smooth chord progressions, delicate singular piano notes, and high-end bass accompanied by the heavenly pulse of rough analogue drums elevate Sparse to another dimension. So much so that repeated plays are a necessary, inevitable consequence. It is also a song, boasting words, which again seems like a lost art at times but provides a unique, satisfying pleasure in the course of transmission.

Release: March 27
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