Magazine Sixty Music Review with Yard One

Greg Fenton reviews Yard One – One Day – Tact Recordings

What is it about One Day that makes me feel about modes of transportation? Maybe it’s the purposeful movement as grooves and rhythms feed into each other promising an end in sight. Or it’s the chiming melodic cascades of keys casting colour across it all. Then there are the infectious drums and pulsating bass to contend with. But, whatever it is the ten minutes of space traversed are, at all times, truly intriguing, captivating moments of sound and sequence. The proceeding Ocean Lam Remix adds a different emphasis on various aspects with brighter drums and synths lending the version brighter anticipation, which then alters tastefully via darker touches around the midpoint.

The remaining two numbers contrast considerably with the brutal intensity of Twinkle Tones plus the Acid grain of Dirt Tool, in particular, sounding seriously exhilarating.

Release: February 2
Listen to Yard One – One Day below
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