Malik Hendricks – Cutting Shapes – Coloring Lessons Records

It’s not as often these days that the more traditional sounds of House appeal in quite the same way they once did. Having said that Malik Hendricks’ elegant, wonderfully smoky productions really hit the spot. The aptly titled Deeper Than feels resolutely contemporary in the timeless sense of the word combining soulfully charged rhythms, chords and voices all making their presence most tastefully felt. The remix comes care of Byron The Aquarius who injects added bounce to the groove, peppering it with vibraphone plus tougher edges. Remaining numbers excite the template with the perky punch of the title track feeling particularly feverish. D.W.E.L.E then sequences more playfully exquisite drums, while Dance To The Music retells past glories through the power of jazzy flavoured guitar and the innate strength of the human voice likewise in inviting ways.

Release: April 16

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