MANIK – Omar’s Coming EP – No Idea’s Original

Four new tracks forthcoming for Huxley’s imprint each pulling their own unique punches, each party packed. My favourite on first listen is the undeniably hard-hitting Subsurround which sequences fizzy Acid basslines along with commanding vocal edits plus super crunchy drum machines tuned into nightclub intensity that feels just as good night or day, or both. The EP’s title track follows with a blistering, almost Hip-Hop informed rhythm section that plays fast and loose with beats and bass, then contrasts by emotive, if slightly warped, pads. The sefl-explanatory My Answer Is Moog follows with the most brutal production on here as nasty drums fight for your attention with caustic synths. Order is then restored via Dusty In The 313 which journey’s back to the gritty realities of House Music with tough, gritty grooves offset by deep keys and punchy vocal hits to complete this standout release.

Release: April 28

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