Manuel Tur – Love Me Well EP – Freerange Records

Capturing the essence of uplifting this smooth combination of classic, filtered piano and breathy vocals works notably well, just as you would expect from Manuel Tur. Love Me Well sounds timeless in so far as the feelings it creates, although in other hands this formula could seem a little tired, however the producer gets it just right balancing past and present with an imaginative production that ignites smouldering bass alongside understated drums, plus a heavy dose of atmospheric release. Paperasse (below) follows suit via crisper tones with hints of smoky melodies evoking an equally mood enhancing piece of music that if anything is even more captivating than the title track. Leaving the robust low-end of Touch Move to channel 1980’s Chicago into future moves that prove to be both energised and tastefully introspective.

Release: April 29

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