Marc Mac (Visioneers/ 4 Hero) interview

What words would you use to describe your new album: Hipology?

Well certainly I’d describe it as experimental, outside the box and personal. Also I would have no choice but to call it somewhat eclectic. Yes it’s personal but the listener should feel like they have an invitation.
Can you tell us about your site and the ideas behind it?

Yes the Hipology site grew out of an idea I had for the album concept looking back on my lifestyle influences from hip hop culture. As I was thinking about the sound of the record I was kinda making a scrapbook of all these influences and then saw the need to publish the scrapbook online. At first it was just to help me reminisce but them became more significant for me to also get the idea behind Hipology to a wider audience. The album artwork also plays a big part in getting the listener to see where I was coming from.

The album touches upon a number of different styles from Hip-Hop to Latin on Rocket Man. How did you develop such a wide range of influences?

Truth is these influences probably wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Hip Hop. I started collecting music at an early age because I was searching for breakbeats, this fueled my record collection for a while and led me into stuff like Latin and Jazz. Then there were all my favorite Hip Hop DJ’s and producers spinning and sampling Jazz, Latin and Soul, all these elements help paint the picture of my influences.

listen to Marc Mac DJ 60 minutes of funky, jazzy disco grooves!

Can you tell us about the creative process involved in producing a track like LuAnne from Harlem?

Actually LuAnne was one of the easier tracks for me to produce as it was an idea that I had for a while and could have easily ended up on a future 4hero record. I knew exactly what I wanted it to sound like and had quite a ridged programmed demo where I had played all the parts before recording any live instruments. I wanted the horns to drive the track and tell the tale of LuAnne while the drums flip from a Latin groove to a funky Soul beat, I then just scattered Solina strings, Rhodes and percussion over the track. I actually recorded the percussion in my bedroom at home. I spent a lot of time engineering the tracks on Hipology unlike a 4hero album or the last Visioneers album each track has an era and I wanted the era to sound authentic. LuAnne has very much a studio sound and not such a live sound I try to make two musicians sound like eight but its got to sound like a record or sound like the musicians are in your living room not in a concert hall.

What are the plans for 4 Hero?

Well I don’t want the gap between the last album to grow too much further so Im thinking about new 4hero music, maybe an EP? not sure but its on my mind more these days.

Please tell us about your approach to Dj’ing, what for you makes a good Dj, and what do you prefer to Dj on?

Well for a while I really loved DJing and that’s the first thing you need to play a good set.. a love for the art. I love playing pretty eclectically, my set could start with Jazz and end with D&B or Disco. These days I’ve turned down many gigs for a few reasons mainly because I want to focus more on my own productions, save my ears for making music as 20 years of club and festival DJing hasn’t been any good for my ears and you only notice this when you start engineering music again. I guess I could be at the age where I need to choose between being a producer or a DJ (and that’s an easy choice for me). I think if I was really gonna enjoy playing the clubs again I would like to start with my own small night.

I do like the idea of doing more radio/podcast mixes, mixtapes and concept shows, I like to produce my DJ set. I don’t feel like the club scene is what it use to be music seems to be the 2nd or 3rd priority for clubbers these days. As for gear I finally got a basic version of Serato with a controller which is great for mixing, still have CDJ’s and my beloved Technics. I also have a nice small collection of vintage turntables.
Who do you like to listen to at home to relax?

Minnie Riperton or Strata East.!/marcmac4hero!/marc4hero

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