Mario Basanov interview

Your excellent new album ‘Journey’ features a range of styles but can you tell us about the creative process involved in writing the opening song ‘Just Think About’?

I always like to try out different styles so my music can evolve. Talking specifically about this track, I thought about the inspiration and mood. The inspiration came from Disco style and the mood I guess came from traveling and visiting many beautiful beaches, you can hear it in the rhythm. And not much to say about the creative process because usually I don’t spend days or weeks or months on a track, if it comes it comes like a ray of light – quick and sharp.

How did your relationship with Needwant come about?

First of all I was just sending Sean my tracks and he released an EP. Through that we started talking, which led to working together and collaborating and now we are kind of like partners.

You have obviously had a wide range of influences to inspire you in the making of your album. Can you tell us about some of them?

That is very hard to put into words, because inspiration comes along in a lot of forms and signs, it is like trying to explain what is love – we all want it, we all think we feel it and sometimes even think we know what that is, but in the end we have no clue. Or sometimes all I need to do is come to my studio, choose some sounds and rhythms and with that the inspiration kicks in.

When did you begin to DJ and who inspired you to do so?

I started DJing around five years ago, I guess. Actually the idea of me DJing came from Vidis, so I thought why not and started practicing at home. It was not too hard for me, because I was already working with music and producing music for more that fifteen years, and as all these things are connected it just felt right.

How would you define your style of Dj’ing? What do you like to play on?

It all depends on the situation: the place, the gig, the crowd, the mood and vibe, even the weather. But in this period of time I prefer playing good Deep House. There was a time I was just hooked on Disco, but now I am inspired and like to play stuff that sounds like for example Ame, Dixon, etc..

Do you have any particular favorite pieces of software/ hardware that you like to use in creating music?

I prefer mostly hardware. My favorites are Buchla and Arp 2600. There are more, but these are the best for me at the moment.

Your song ‘Changed’ (with Vidis featuring Ernesto) has reached over an amazing one million plays on YouTube. Can you tell us about the making of the striking video?

To be honest I did not really take a big part in the making of the video, for me it is all about music so it was given to professional team who are making videos and with great trust they did it as they felt, and thank God, the result is perfect and it is proved with all the love of fans and that million you mentioned.

What is the Dance Music scene like in Lithuania – what are your favorite clubs etc?

Lithuanian scene is very colorful music wise, we have a lot different artists who work a lot and represent Lithuania in different music scenes. I could favorite Downtown Party Network, Few Nolder and Darius Vaikas for example. And my favorite club in Lithuania is definitely club Opium.

What plans do you have for the new year 2013?

Work a lot, move forward and keep on touring around the world.

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