Martin Denny – Deep Exotica: Music From Martin Denny’s Lush Lounge – Righteous

Deep exotica album art

Once upon a time Martin Denny’s music was a rare, sought-after commodity. Losing none of its glittering appeal all these years later pays testament to what is essentially an endless holiday of excess come true. This selection features four albums from the artists prime output, plus bonus tracks, beginning with the release of debut, Exotica in 1957. What strikes instantly here are Denny’s own riotous cocktail of fiery piano which likewise has the ability to soothe sensuous emotions both high and low, also Arthur Lyman’s eloquent, chiming and charming vibes (as featured here via the original mono version). Try, Lotus Land from the album delivering all of that jazzy, exotic promise for a fully rewarding start. Or the wonderful percussion charging The Queen Chant (Li Liu E) on Exotica II for a second bite. In fact you will find a remarkably fascinating amount of charm to discover throughout.

It’s the strange, at times, unearthly quality racing within the music that captures its ever remaining appeal. Combining all sorts of distinctive percussion together with tropical self-created sound effects lends it all an equally escapist quality too. Perhaps like being lost in a multi-coloured time warp its inescapably unique flavour also has the power to conjure up scenarios beyond long-lost dreams from many decades ago. Maybe, it is because it is so distinctive, so belonging to a bygone age, that when all else in contemporary times fails its beautiful, musical call remains here to capture you, to soften the landing.

Release: August 11

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