Masomenos – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena – Automatic Writing

Music always appealed to me so intensely above almost everything else because it lives and breathes the language of existence, constantly evolving in unpredictable ways while transforming the cultural landscape surrounding it. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena plugs directly into those same principles engaging with the receiver in all sorts of illuminating ways, it is also sounds like a particularly wonderful title.

The formula seems to be that there isn’t one which in turn stimulates the true pulse of creative necessity. In that process you can also hear occasional echoes of the past musical influence drive through the stereo field, although this glimmer of nostalgia is continuously accompanied by a fierce desire for something new. Try the dark bass underscoring Hollow or the proceeding atmospheric reflections of Tournicoti as modular rhythms race through a generation of electrical impulse to conjure up all sorts of provocative possibility. UAP offers a notable soulful respite with vocals adding fuel to the fire, while Are You Sure? channels the fiery spirit of Detroit into its fibres feeling life affirming. Planet X ft. San Proper then completes the mission with a twist of nerves that unsettles convention via its succession of heavy-duty beats and bass hotwiring the experience to mind, body and elsewhere.

Release: May 27

Mutant disco radio show · PREMIERE : Masomenos – Are You Sure ? (Automatic Writing)

Automatic Writing · Masomenos – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena [ATWT012 preview]
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