Massimo Pupillo – Our Forgotten Ancestors – Glacial Movements

If there is beauty to be found in melancholy, it is found here. Yet this also feels that it’s about the yearning for connection. A contrast if you will. Lost and found. Like a sublime defiance. I’ve been reviewing an increasing amount of music not constructed around beats and formulas, I guess because it appeals to me in much the same way the human conversations of modern Jazz do. However, it doesn’t seem appropriate, or even relevant, to class music of this calibre within the confines of minimal, or ambient, when it probably is much more at home located somewhere in the word, classical.

Given the huge backstory to Massimo Pupillo’s artistic life and times it’s perhaps no surprise that all of that wealth of knowledge feeds directly back into the music he has created here with such delicate poise and precision. Precise in its intention amid the crisscross of emotions it so powerfully weaves into the fabric of how the human condition translates into the language it reflects. Our Forgotten Ancestors is undoubtedly haunting at many times, for good reason, it’s likewise an explanation of the ways historical moments get captured, reconfigured as a series of intense, yet warm musical events occurring in this case in epic, mind-expanding ways.

Release: October 20

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