Miguel Migs interview

You explore various styles working with different vocalists on your current album. Are there any particular standout tracks for you?

I enjoy all of the songs for different reasons, and depending on my mood.. a couple that stand out for me would be “Tonight” featuring the sultry and lovely voice of Meshell Ndegeocello… and the nu-disco infused “Everybody” featuring the legendary Evelyn “Champagne” King…
What can we expect to hear next from your own label Salted Music?

Salted is just something I started for kicks, so we try and just have fun with it.. to release dance music of different styles from up and coming producers as well as established artists… and we have all sorts of cool singles on the horizon… a new one from Lisa Shaw as well as the next flavor savers ep in our series that features various artists.
How do feel about House music in 2011 compared with when you first started to produce/ DJ?

Well, of course the 90’s was a bit different than today, especially the technology aspect of making music.
Everyone has their own opinion and take on it so to each their own and I respect that, not to get overly nostalgic here but for me it was a little more exciting and inspiring in the 90’s when the music and scene was a bit more fresh and had more of a positive and communal underground vibe over all… its still there and I still enjoy it, its just changed a lot obviously and become more common place within pop culture… I still just try and have fun with it and create music that I enjoy inspired by all different styles that I like.
I have always been more inspired by the deeper, soulful, funky, disco, dubby and musical stuff and thats obvious within my albums… I love music in general and all styles of music so I gravitate more towards the musical and melodic sounds.. there is some really nice stuff out there at the moment and alot of very well produced tracks, technology has come a long way…
Tell us about your Dj’ing style: Vinyl or digital, how do you like to approach a set?

Of course every label sends out digital promos these days, so I have been playing all CD’s for awhile now, with the occasional all vinyl sets which are fun… I never pre-think about my sets. I just simply show up with my book of music and spontaneously create a mood and vibe and see where it goes.. its always a little bit of an experimental and that keeps it exciting and fun to me.
What are you listening to at home?

I have always listened to alot of dub and classic rock, as well as some soul and some indie stuff… stuff like The Stones, Hendrix, Prince, Steely Dan, Erykah Badu, Black Keys, Burning Spear, Tribe Called Quest, and the list goes on and on and on….







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