Millsart – Don‘t Ask Me Why EP – Axis Records

Please excuse Magazine Sixty’s brief online absence due to unrequested technical issues. Better late than never I guess. Although, as in this case, brilliant music never expires. Ask Debussy.

That said and of much more importance is this stunning, brilliantly executed blend of blissful navigation from Millsart aka Jeff Mills. Weaving its magic like a snake charmer conjures up mystery each of the three pieces of music populating this latest release are radically charged in their own right. The Wise One (Khufu Mix) begins its journey via a heavenly caress of undulating jazz and fusion, producing a heady cocktail of both intrigue and energy in equal measure. Followed by Wind Walkers pulsing with machine generated rhythms and deliciously atmospherics keys, as Don‘t Ask Me Why finishes off via an electrifying kick-free rendition of hot keyboards plus fiery percussion deconstructing, then reassembling all five senses.

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P.S frontcover artwork: Andromède debout et Persée by Félix_Vallotton (1907)

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