Mineo (Hot Creations) Q&A

minCan you tell us about the background to forming Mineo and where the name originated from?

The background to Mineo is a lot of work and a few years’ isolation making and making and making tracks. The name (with 10 minutes to a print deadline) was a quick clash of minds. It was born and it just sounded good. And I can see it at the top of a flyer… Or…  e-flyer, or facebook event invite probably, as it’s not 2001 anymore and diesel jeans have almost disappeared.

Your new single: Turn Out The Lights is out now on Hot Creations. How did your relationship with the label come about?

I sent Jamie the track sometime in august just on email I think and a few hours later it was getting played at his paradise party at dc10 for the first time and that was it..

Can you talk us through the process of producing the track?

It can start from anything, could be a beat, a vocal idea, a sample, just got a new plug in or bought a new synth or toy… that’s what I love about it. It’s like every time you sit down to make a track, it’s like there is a hit in there, it’s hiding from you until you convince it to come and hang. It’s just about being inspired, and well, that there is a separate thing and the biggest mystery of it all.  That’s when you start to really respect those producers and artists who are prolific, and don’t stop being inspired and even if you don’t love their music, you have to admire that. Coz when you’re not inspired you can have all the kit in the world plugged into an ssl desk but you won’t make a thing… the days you wake up and feel inspiration…  get the laptop out, do anything quickly, coz it might be gone in an hour….

Buy: http://www.beatport.com/track/turn-out-the-lights-original-mix/4770378

How did you first get into Dj’ing, who initially influenced you?

I first got into it when I was 15. I saw the silver Technics 1200’s at my mates house and would go round most days, I’d even go round when he wasn’t in coz I knew the family and would mix drum and bass and early house music straight out the record shops in Kingston, which is where I grew up. White labels with just a phone number on… I just loved it…and my decks are set up again in my home. They are iconic forever and look dope in the flat too. The actual aesthetic of the Technics was a part of it as well for me, it’s the same with my Akai MPC, it just looks nice, someone designed it with care and love and a vision and sadly that is something we lost for a while. They disappeared out of clubs and as much as I use them and love them for what they do and how well they actually do it, cdj’s don’t look as nice do they. Technics once made a cd player that looked like a mini 1200 deck. They just didn’t work that well though. It’s such a shame… but you can’t mess with a having usb stick as a record collection. Although it takes a certain mind to be able to memorize the contents of a usb by name, its not easy and I forget to play tracks. You know, a complete banger that I just don’t know the name of yet. When you’ve got a box of records, you can see them by their sleeves, the colours and the names, it’s much easier, and it’s better, let’s face it..

Do you think that Dance Music should always look forward – what are your thoughts on Disco re-edits and current vogue for the early House sounds?

There’s something innovative about making something sound authentic and retro in a nice way at the right time. Although you get bored of hearing your own stuff after a while. The moment of creating something and for one moment if you can capture it and do it with a confidence and a purpose that the listener can feel..that’s kind of it I guess.  If you wanna make garage that sounds like the 90’s again or do a re-edit, go for it just do it well, take a good sample, not a shit one. And make the beat skip right.

mineoCan you describe your studio set-up and any favourite piece of equipment?

I’ve got nice synths I’ve collected over the years and thankfully never sold any… from Korg to Rolands to Oberheim ob8 (always needs a service but is off the chain) I’ve even got a Wasp…. stop showing off!!  But really now it’s all pretty much based around my laptop as I’m sure is the case for most. I have an Akai MPC 3000 which is the first thing I bought and I dip in and out of using, don’t know why though. I turned it on yesterday and listened to a two bar loop I made for about two and a half hours with no stopping. It’s a little hypnotic the way it does that. When you get a beat sitting right, you can listen to it for hours. I do treasure that machine. It’s how I started making music and I’ll have it forever…

What piece of music has been most inspiring you recently?

Artie Shaw- Nightmare. Someone really special to me showed me it a year ago. It’s dope from 1938. and just people who make stuff with character…tempting to list a load of people but the question was one so i’ll leave it there..

Where can people see you play?

Mineo 5 year world tour starts now… Just played first set as Mineo at Fabric last week which was really good after years of not going there. Doing something at showcase Barcelona for Fact who do great parties on Nov 23 and something in London end of November for Space Cowboys at Cuckoo Club which looks like a lot of fun too… It will all get posted on facebook and very soon a website for all that info at www.mineo.co.uk

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