Molly (RDV Music) Q&A

(Photograph by Charlotte Yonga)

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Molly. Your label RDV Music: Récit de Voyage has been running since 2017. What changes have you seen happening during that time (positive or negative) and how do you see the future for artists and labels alike in terms of the ability to generate income via record releases and live performance?

I feel that the scene changed a lot since 2017… Electronic music has a bigger audience now, there are more festivals, more events, more artists etc… So it became a real business, with the positive and the negative effects. Things are less spontaneous, and with the social media, the game has changed a little bit. We talk less about music but more about image.

The future for artists and labels in terms of incomes? For sure, you don’t get your incomes from the sale of the music. It was the case in the past when labels were pressing 10 000 copies. Now, if you do 500 copies it’s already a big number. There is the digital of course, but it’s a small amount too, unless you are big big star.

Live performance is the only way to generate income for now. Maybe in the future we’ll see other way? Like with the metaverse & the NFT ? Let’s see.

Your brilliant new release for the label: Thoughts Of A Day explores aspects of life beginning with, It Feels Like It Only Goes Backwards. Can you talk us through how you produced the track, from where the initial idea came from to any favourite pieces of software/ hardware you like to use in the creative process?

This one was produced a while ago to be honest, like 3-4 years ago. And never sent it too anyone but the few times I played it, there was a good reaction. And I decided finally to do my own release on RDV… With the Covid & my pregnancy everything got delayed … It was produced in a plane, with mainly VST 🙂

Your music encompasses various influences and atmospheres which always seem open to new ideas. Do you feel there is too much nostalgia in Dance Music stifling creativity or is electronic music an ever-evolving force?

There is this feeling that we cannot do better than what was done during the 80’s / 90’s. And finally, sometimes you find a great album so modern and well produced… I think it’s evolving, and it has too!!

What can you tell us about the captivating photograph in the Art work?

The artwork is a photo that I took with my analog camera. It’s in Corsica where I live.
It’s taken from a bridge where you can watch the sea. This beach is very special and the sunset is fabulous.

How would you describe your philosophy for life?

I don’t know if I have a philosophy. For sure I like to live the present. I’m not good at making plans or being nostalgic. I try to enjoy the present moment and stay positive even in difficult time. Life is fragile, but beautiful, and it’s important to enjoy all happy moments and being thankful for what we have.
I know it sounds a bit cliché; it’s how I do.

Listening to your mix: Delayed with… Molly you work through an amazing number of styles/ genres. Can you tell us about some of your main influences within Dance Music and also from the world outside of it?

I always like to mix music genres. I play music which makes me vibrate, no matter which genre it is. I would say that I get my influences from other music genre, like classical music, indie pop/rock, Brazilian music, Bossa Nova, Soul, Funk, Disco etc… Within Dance Music, I would say that I’m influenced a lot from US house and Techno, mainly between the 90’s and 2000.

Delayed · Delayed with… Molly

Do you believe music has the power to effect political change and should it seek to do so? In what ways have you witnessed it being a universal language?

Music has been used to effect social and political change by raising awareness and inspiring action among listeners. It is considered a universal language that can transcend cultural and language barriers. Music can be a powerful tool for mobilizing people, bringing attention to marginalized communities, and promoting peace and understanding. Whether music should seek to effect political change is a personal choice for the artist.

I also wanted to ask about your thoughts on music without beats such as your wonderful, Something in your mind and about what you feel can be captured without using instrumentation to suit a dancefloor? Is there something freer, less restrictive about making music like this?

I do listen to music without beats. It’s very inspiring and emotional. It’s definitely freer to produce such a music. And I use a lot sounds from what I have around me … It can be a recording of the waves, the wind, the nature (I live in the country side), I also used the recording of heartbeat of my daughter, when I was pregnant… Everything is possible, and you just have to let yourself go. No needs to think about a dancefloor.

molly.emeline · Something In Your Mind

Has the art of song writing been lost in Dance Music? Is it more reliant in instrumentation to convey meaning?

While dance music may prioritize instrumentation and production over lyrics, there are still dance music tracks that incorporate meaningful lyrics and storytelling. Some dance music genres prioritize atmospheric and emotional elements, which can lend themselves to more introspective and lyrically-driven tracks. So, the art of songwriting has not been lost in dance music.

And finally. Villa Flaka looks like a very beautiful place. What can you tell us about your involvement with the hotel?

Ah, thank you 🙂

We have built this hotel with my husband, in the past 2 years. It’s a small boutique hotel, where we really put our influences. We also live there, so it’s even more like if you are invited into our home. That’s the spirit we wanted to bring behind the project.

The opening is on April the 7th, and we are really looking forward to receiving our first client.
I will manage the hotel, That’s the reason why I decided to focus more on the hotel and play less shows in the next months… But I will still continue to work in the studio for sure 🙂

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