Morgen Wurde & Tis featuring Tetsuroh Konishi – Deutet – Jazz-o-Tech Records

If words like dark, smouldering and Jazz tick your box then this is most definitely for you. German producers Morgen Wurde & Tis join sensibilities alongside jazz trumpeter Tetsuroh Konishi to create an exotic experience, dripping in late-night tales of excess and intrigue. Voices drift across the horizon as do the heavy atmospheric blasts forming a series of compelling moments on Richtet. Next the excellent title track explores even moodier territory via haunting, hot-wired synth lines plus an abundance of otherworldly sounds leaving the Trumpet to flow freely across unnerving terrain. An expanded and highly recommended Deep Edit compliments the original version, likewise a beat less Synthese mix which also highlights the divergent and edgy sound treatments perfectly.

Release: September 24

Morgen Wurde · Deutet (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)

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