Morgen Wurde & Tis – Wacht – Werra Foxma Records

Wacht approaches you like a wave of uncertainty crashing across the wash of stereo in unpredictable, unnerving patterns. If the drums weren’t there to provide guidance, to anchor the unearthly nature of it all, it would feel very much free of form with a life defining its own determination. While the compelling list of sounds offered range from warmly organic keys to the burst of dark sound effects parading throughout. Much like the remainder of the album combining ethereal moments with chaotic ones working particularly well on the proceeding Zielt.

Further highlights include the brighter horizon of Leuchtet employing the solace of melody in amongst its pallet, then Gewahrt competes for attention with a sequence of glorious, chiming drones. Maria Estrella’s breathy harmonies drift throughout the percussive pulse of Geweiht next as temperatures soar. The vocalist also appears on the wondrous Lasst Ios suggesting that perhaps the albums innate strength lies more within these landscapes of rich intensity, occupying the ambient escape of structure formulised by a signature timescale. Likewise the final and equally stunning Synthese Remix of the title track takes you down a similar path of intensity contrasting sunshine and shade as notes plunge into nervous territory alongside the defiant relief of joy.

Release: February 19


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