Moritz Fasbender – 13 Rabbits – Edition Dur / Kultur ManuFaktur Dussmann

The pervading sense of strangeness that greets you upon pressing play is most welcome in this world of bland ordinariness. Moritz Fasbender plays and treats the piano with a fizzy, grainy flair that teases and ignites the words classical, experimental and a few more in-between. At times cascading notes risk their all in the pursuit of the end objective. At others stabbing reverberation like that witnessed on Swifts takes flight in wildly different, creative directions expressing a searing, poignant beauty. Then there are moments like Last Airport that combine playful sound effects with strident melodies piercing the ether with a joyous explosion. Followed by the tense introspection of 1995, then the equally and wonderfully difficult Three Armed Men Leaving My House ends pretty much as the journey began. An excellent cause for unique celebration.

Release: July 22

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