Musica Per L’Immagine – Fly By Night Music

You can feel the analogue beauty ooze from every fibre of this tastefully curated selection of the more obscure side of Italian electronic music circa 1974-1985. That’s quite a time-span and yet each track seems at home with the next as both the sense of occasion and the production values evolve alongside your intrigue to explore and uncover the not so obvious – surely one of the joys of music. Remastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich and sounding deservedly inspiring the compilation chosen by the labels’ head Lorenzo encompasses all sorts of moods plus a diverse range of styles care of those hot, hard-wired synthesisers which those decades uniquely produced. From the smoother, shuffling jazz of Domenico Di Vito’s – Spensieratamente through to the cosmically charged Lamberto Macchi – Vision, or the supremely funky incantations of Flip Flop Group – Music, light is cast upon these forgotten corners for all our benefit.

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