Nick Sadler – The Label Machine – Velocity Press

This book is your friend. If you plan to start or are running a record label then the information contained within provides all the necessary advice required, but more than that you actually get to understand the inner workings right down to the accompanying illustrations simplifying all to the point of ease. Likewise your rights and income collection as an artist/ producer are highlighted so obviously another vital resource is captured. I don’t say any of that lightly as someone who gets lost in the sea of information overload this companion piece proves invaluable. Nick Sadler’s helping hand dares to reach out a compassionate grasp across four hundred pages and if even that sounds daunting then the best way to describe using this book is much like a reference book you can dig into as needed. Let’s not make too fine a point of it but comprehending the ins and outs of the label industry can be complex, perhaps even laborious at many times so the help and lived-in experience of the author is not to be overlooked.

Maybe your mind-set seeks to reject the very notion of words such as industry or quite simply the thought of business causes revulsion but it’s worth noting that this read is as much about nurturing independent spirit as it is about achieving the word success in all its capitalist glory. Is failure an option? I guess according to Nick there’s only one way to find out: No matter what stage you are at in your music career, simply reading this book will enable you to become more successful in all the music industry’s essential business elements. Quite the boast, maybe it is that simple after all. Much like life there are also a wealth of quotable instances on offer to enhance personal ambition within the pages, which feels useful if the philosophy of self-help works for you by helping to escort your progress throughout the printed journey. If not, it may start to seem a little aggravating.

Overall, unless you’re prone to a legal mind chances are most artists will be plugged into creation rather than accounting which is precisely where the importance of The Label Machine comes into play. By looking after if’s and maybe’s, what should I be doing about this and that, the course of conversation exposes every conceivable pitfall and possibility so that you can get on with the music itself. Safe in the knowledge that everything you need to concern yourself with afterwards can be referred to and taken care off in the way deemed appropriate to your own individual approach. The website below also contains lots of resources for the adventure, some of which are free, so what’s stopping you?


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