Nico Stojan feat. JAW – OD 30 – Kindisch

A fabulous release of music and emotion from Nico Stojan who with the aid of JAW’s smoky, delicate vocals produces sounds that impact on both body and soul. The Original version is a thing of beauty with subtlety being the key here (rather than the usual mush of cliques that passes for a lot of so-called dance music today). The beats feel sassy, though restrained, leaving space for the strummed instrumentation to define the air in-between as the voice dances and the bass sings out Jazz fashion. Remixes come from NU, and Britta Unders who both lend their individual stamp to the track, although quite possibly the standout version is the beautifully realised Acoustic Remix which flies free and loose care of atmospheric strings augmenting the guitar and gorgeous bass notes.

Release: June 2


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