Nicolas Meyer – Golconda – sinnmusik*

While the word Disco remains as a dirty detonation Nicolas Meyer’s fantastically cool reworking of all things funky is as refreshing as it is informed. A large package by anyone’s standards the chief track: Golconda receives a total of four remixes, although for me it’s still the original that’s best. Sprinkles of keys offset what is essentially a pounding, bass heavy groove that feels more contemporary than re-edited, aided by only by smoky vocal lines plus serious intent this hits on all scores. The remixes are great too with James Benedict’s sure-fire Disco upping the tempo and consequentially the rush, leaving Danvers to twist the rhythms in all sorts of glorious ways and Georgi Barrel injecting 90’s House drums, with J. Morrison taking it all a touch deeper. Remaining numbers: Better Than Always, Mille Raggi, and finally Planet Delú all proceed to rock the discotheque working their sampling in crazy, exciting ways.

Release: May 1

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