Nimbus Sextet – Dreams Fulfilled – Acid Jazz Records

Jazz is still here. Mercifully. Denoting and defining culture.

The wonderful, explosive strains of emotion that caress Nimbus Sextet’s fiery fusion of soulful tones, brushed with spikey funk, are now here for all to relish. I love the celebratory experience which unfolds out of the opening suggestion of Joe Nichols piano on Trap Door, accompanied by an explosive array of horns and rhythms turning introspection into joy. Contrast and the exploration of possibility are both something you can witness throughout their debut album for the seemingly timeless Acid Jazz and its important that we have such craft to sing about. Consequently, Lilly White proposes a looser configuration oozing sass in the form of Anthony Thomaz’s smooth vocal delivery. The power of Jazz also lies in the aspect of melancholy translated throughout the keys and provocative instrumentation on the atmospherically generous Klara. Leaving a hazy sense of occasion to round things off via the title track’s rich, treated breath, while exercising a promise of tomorrow in ways unique to Dreams Fulfilled.

Release: October 23

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