Nocturnalism – Ambra – Open Records

There is something particularly fitting about the way the smouldering drums collide with Guilio Schochia’s haunting, breathy vocal that so captures these uncertain moments in time. Ambra, is a captivating piece of music that dives into depths, hinting at Jazz via cool blasts of horn yet all the while feels forward-thinking, escaping Disco’s bland re-edit. Diego Simonetti (Knobs) and Francesco Lenci (Re:Set) form the nucleus of Nocturnalism and their beautifully engaging sound is both challenging and yet warmly re-assuring. Vosne supplies two remixes each enhancing the originals essence while expanding mood and interpretation. The Interpolation version carves perfectly sculpted percussion over an emotive release of pads alongside funkier punctuation, while Tesselation gets deeper exploring time and the space in-between, either way all are excellent.

Release: April 3

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